Breath balance into your nervous and immune system

In order balance our nervous system, that will simultaneously strengthen the immune system. We often need to change or “upgrade” our biological Set Point. 
Witch means the standard living conditions that both the brain and biology has gotten settled too, get used through our living conditions.

Lets say the body gets “used to” lots of stress at work, over time, our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) settles. Basically the AUN tries to do it`s best to compensate and seek balanced, and settles, get used to the overload eventually slowly lose its function and optimal health.
The Set point is how your mind & body has adopted it`s health standards, to how your living. One way to change the set point is to optimize movement function and breathing rhythm. Finding your own unique in breath and out breath flow- literally soothes the nervous system and puts it in a state of equilibrium (HRV).

Through guidance you can find your unique breathing rhythm and HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and upgrade your Set Point if the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) gets out of balance. 


Modern Mindfulness Meditation (MMM) gives awareness, tools and skills to stay neurologically balanced. As well as improving a clearer map for the brain to know whats going on under the skin. We literally over months change our neural circuitry to be more energy efficient and reduce the energy waste that comes from an unbalanced set point. Resulting in stiffness, pain, anxiety, depression, stress and burned out. 
MMM improves an automatically more wiser, efficient response. Makes your nervous system more resilient to manage stress and challenges and find solutions to results
Here`s what you can expect in a MMM Session.
First we need to make a clear enough map of where you are now, and the place or situation you wanna be. Towards increasing habits of healthy choices.
These shows up in our Posture, the way we Move (breath), think, feel and experience through our Mindset.
MAPPING: Identifying your unique patterns and where you have settled (set point). We’ll be looking at whether you are using or not using your primary (diaphragm) and secondary breathing muscles (scalenes and upper trapezius) in synchronized relationships with each other.


Posture & Support: We will discover your needs for support, not being burdened but fully aligned with gravity and reality. And we’ll be working on the brain- nervous system connection and improving the synchronized myofascial kinetic or muscles-chains relationship.
Movement Pattern: Here we’ll be improving your specific pattern, your Movement and Breathing pattern will positively affect your biology and support your entire nervous and immune system. From here we will tailor combine the best routines for sustaining the changes for the rest of your life.
State of Mind: You chose your experience, through MMM tools you can learn optimize your Mindset and amplify your Goals. A steady posture with an rhythmical movement increase brain wave states and tap deeper into the AUN and and unconscious patterns and stimulate improvement.
You will get help in how you should repeat your individual exercises, and when to fit them into your daily and monthly schedules – to guarantee that you will get the best results possible.

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