Invester i din styrke, bevegelse og energi

Tilpasset trening, behandling og kosthold.

Få kontroll over muskel og nervesystemets aktivering og restituering.

Forbered biomekanisk bevegelighet og unngå smerter, plager og skader.

Du blir hva du spiser har spist, pluss den kjemiske informasjonen i næringen.

Bli en bedre versjon av deg selv med skreddersydd treningsprogram, riktig behandlingsmetode og ernæringsveiledning

online / onsite


Manual Treatment
"It was very good to go through exercises that covered the whole body.
It gave me a good, floating and also grounded feeling afterwards.
The areas you worked on still feel lighter, more spacious.
And the neck feels longer than it is.”
Anne Elen 72
Course session
“Thank you very much for this course. It has given me a better understanding of how tendons and muscles coordinate with the nervous system in the body, which has helped me sleep better, focus better and made it easier to cope with stress in life.. the insight you get from this course is worth knowing about ones own body. You have a good visual explanation that makes it easy to understand and easy to remember the knowledge.”
Jonas Grosås 31

Manual Treatment

"I have been going to a physiotherapist for 10-12 years twice a week and had strength training, but felt that I needed treatment of the muscles and tissues. The purpose was to try to improve walking function and balance and otherwise the body's health condition.

i must say, at my age of 91, that the treatments have given me a more upstanding presence. Despite my old age, i have to say that i have a functionally good existence and i am grateful for that.”

Olav Åse 91

Private Training  - breathwork

“Subtle difference can make quite a lot of difference! I believe that fully breathing might be one of the best assets to have. Thomas offered me some really valuable and informative guidelines and practices to help improve my breathing patterns.”

Ólafur Aron Sveinsson 40

Training sessions


“Various and broad spectrum within health. You are a bit like a good librarian in a wealth of health information. Thanks for the fruitful hours!” - Mia Heilberg 33

“Conscious of the body. Thank you very much for the great training. I became much more aware of my body after those exercises" - Henriette Falkum 43

"Thank you for a fun and demanding form of training. Very inspiring session. You are an exceptionally knowledgeable and pleasant trainer!” Anne Solbakken 64

Onsight & Online Courses

Veien blir til, ut i fra hva som skal til, for å ende der du vil

Anerkjente forskningsmetoder innenfor hjernen, nervesystemet, bindevevet (fascia), muskel skjelettsystemet, bio-mekanikk/biotensegritet, kosthold og ernæringsveiledning med tilpasset programmer.