Your Body is similar like Plant

Issues in the tissues, from inflammation, joint and chronic pains, broken bones, osteoporosis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, overload, fatigue, all types of compensation patterns to genetic expressions – can heal and restore just like nature intended. Newest scientific discoveries within the Microbiome and Neuro-Myofascial system brakes old habits of hopelessness and only treating symptoms and diagnosis. Instead we are finding the root cause to all problems and challenges and giving hope.

All that is needed is your dedication, cause I will hold your motivation!

A brief look true history, especially from industrial revolution we have shifted our focus and perspective on what the body truly is. Thinking we are made up by parts like a machine, but that’s far away from accurate. 

But it`s still happening today! And it`s happening when we look only at the musculoskeletal system as parts holding us in place, and individual cells in those parts of the body. We need to stop thinking locally and start thinking globally!

Only in the last 10-20 years we discovered in depth how our Neuro-Myofascial anatomy, Microbiome and Physiology system truly works. We now know how the brain maps out the bodies movements, including posture and function. And how the fascia – connective tissue system is what truly shapes us and holds us together. The Microbiome (micro bacteria/organisms) and Mycobiome (fungal community) within and outside of us, literally turn off or on gene expressions – for bettering or worsening our health, wellness and performance.

(Read the blog about: Food feeds «good or bad» bacterias, turn OFF or ON Healthy Genes.)  

The muscles are important for giving strength as our brain gives instructions for our movements, but it all happens through the fascia that wrappes around each muscle, nerve, blood vessel, etc, even the whole brain and every single cell in our body.

From the Ovum we are created, just like a seed that creates a tree, a plant or every living organism/being in life.

Listen to the mini podcast audio where Movement Coach Thomas Severinsen explains how we truly work, and my own issues in my own tissues.

I also recommend to see these documentary of how our living fascia looks like alive:

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