an inner journey outwards

For over 15 years I have dedicatedly practised, taught and instructed in various ways of understanding the mind, body and emotional life, to discovered a combination of several different professional fields and methods now in a holistic context - "somatics".

Education; courses; experience:

Private trainer/ PT; manual treatment: structural integration/ ATSI/ “rolfing”; nutrition and food guidance; yoga and meditation teacher and climbing instructor;

courses within neuro training (NT)/ applied kinesiology; trigger point treatment (MFR), deep tissue massage/ connective tissue and muscle therapy; prevention: rehab & prehab; functional strength training; mobility; stability; olympic lifting/ powerlifting; wild plants and food as medicine; EI (emotional intelligence); IFS psychotherapy; and natural law.

Origin of inner zone

From around year 2010, i set out on a journey to learn the connection between the different body systems, including the non-physical ones such as mental and emotional training and practices.

I learned the structure of the skeleton and the connective tissue (fascia) and the function that creates movements through the brain, nervous system and muscles. At the same time, the organs, blood circulation, metabolism, heart rhythm, breathing and state of mind come into play as important systems depending on the right food, activity, social belonging, rest and deep sleep.

The learning went both through knowledge and education, but also through my own experiences. After trying out a numerous different methods within exercise, treatment methods, food and diet, i suddenly developed severe skin eczema which led to psoriasis, a true nightmare that persisted for over 6 years before i understood how important food and state of mind also play a role including physical training

I changed my food through experimenting for a couple of years before i found what food and nutrition my genes, microbes (gut bacteria/ microbiome) needed - especially with my active lifestyle. When i started to solve my own health challenges, i then got the call to share this knowledge further. Now i live a life without outbreaks of eczema (psoriasis), inflammation, mood swings or "locked" nerves, muscles and emotions. Experience is the absolute best lesson, and fortunately we can learn from the experiences of others to avoid walking the long and energy-consuming path alone.

The most important thing i learned is that everything has to be adapted individually; exercise, rest and food, and that all symptoms or diagnoses are a sign that there is an underlying cause that has not yet been resolved. The solutions happens through mapping and discover the source (physical/emotional/psychological) behind the challenges. Having said that, many people can live with "the unsolved" challenges for the rest of their lives, but for many of us, we have to tap into this inner source before we can truly live a life filled with joy, without constantly striving.

Our underlying needs behind all goals and desires is about holistic integration, which means returning to our innate health, well-being, strength and vitality that always lies within us.

Get in balance and overcome your challenge!

Life is about balance between day (wakefulness) and night (sleep), activity and recovery, alone time (introvert) and social belonging (extrovert), inhalation (yang) and exhalation (ying), masculine (electric) and feminine (magnetic).

It is absolutely possible to live a life in balance, by giving yourself a second chance - in expressing who you are, what you are, and where you want to be. We must move outside the comfort zone and at the same time return to a greater comfort, which supports our unique growth throughout life.

Balance is doing your best (which is always good enough), not taking things too private or personal, not getting stuck in assumptions and expectations but expressing good attitudes and values that give us all what we truly desire.

"it was all about knowing one self, cause what is true sets one free"

Some of my education

Welcome to the inner zone through somatic movements

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