The Start Package

An 75 min Online session with individual mapping of needs, goals / desires, a plan overview with 1-3 integrated exercises within Movement and State of Mind (flowstate).

A taste of your own tailored training & treatment.

$100 USD

The Standard Package

An 2.5 hour session that can be divided into 2 days, with a more thorough mapping, safer plan with 3-6 integrated exercises, including rehab, prehab, dietary guidance. For more effect in Strength, Movability and Nutritional needs.

Here you get a greater taste experience that lasts longer!

$200 USD

The Premium Package

Get 5 hour sessions that is divided into a minimum 2 and maximum 4 days. Full mapping, a bulletproof plan with 6-12 integrated exercises, rehab, prehab, diet guidance, Mental Flowstate. For full effect in Strength, Movability, State of Mind and Nutritional needs.

For you who are hungry for bigger changes and results!

$300 USD


Learn how to deal with your own physical challenges.
Here you will learn and become familiar with simple Yoga postures that stretch and open the body's most important movements, while at the same time fine-tune and correct yourself in each stretching exercise. Finding your right sweet spot in the stretches and achieve even faster results. Trigger point balls are used to loosen, soften, hydrate and recover the bodies deepest levels (where beginner Yoga can not reach).
Here you can release and recover pain, injuries, wear, tear, and become better acquainted with your movement patterns, from the skin to all of the tissues, muscles and nerves deep around the skeleton, improve your posture and movement function and save lots of time and money by treating yourself, and thus other people you love who need this knowledge.


Start-up: 1 April 2021
Learn to use nature's wild and useful plants.
This course gives you an introduction to the wild plants in your areas, flowers, trees, mushrooms, herbs, sea weed, roots, etc. Here you can learn what different plants do for the body, how to increase the diversity of your microorganisms that will contribute to better health, wellness and performance. In addition, learn recipes from salads, foods, herbal teas and creams you can make yourself. The knowledge is used both in practice and theory, similar used by our ancestors for 1000s of years, and is supported through recent microbiome and nutrition research.
Start-up: 10 May 2021
More info about the course coming soon…

Online timepriser


15 min Mapping $15 (USD)
55 min Session $90 (USD)
75 min Session $110 (USD)


5 Sessions gives 10% discount
10 Sessions gives 20% discount

My job is to listen to your wishes and needs, give you support and time needed, so we find the best optimal solutions together. I guarantee long-term results based on the program, otherwise money back.

My wish is to give you ownership over your program, exercises and motivations to complete the plan. Retrieve all the tools and resources that you have inside. Your unique mind, body and background are always respected and kept confidential.

Not sure where to start? Answer here, and I will help you further!


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