training methods:

– Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

– Yang (core strength) Yoga (mobility)

– Calisthenics (own bodyweight training)

– Climbing / bouldering (indoor / outdoor)

– Preventive (stability, coordination, etc.)

– Sports, Martial Arts and Performance

Treatment methods:

– Mobility Training (routines)

– Trigger point therapy / balls (MFR)

– Manual Therapy (Structure & Function)

– Yin (restorative) Yoga and Tai Chi

– Prehab & Rehab (rehabilitation)

– Connective tissue massage (energy / detox)

Nutrition and diet plan:

– Weight loss and muscle gain

– Better mood and gut health (microbiota)

– More energy, vitality and immune strength


– Knowledge / wild and useful plants

Mental training / cognitive abilities:

– Stress and life mastery (mindfulness)

– Modern Meditation (flowstate)

- Motivation, Meaning and Goal setting

– Psychomotor (somatic) Treatment

What is Movement Coaching?

Movement in the context of coaching, stands for somatic guidance. Which covers a wide range of diet, treatments, physical and mental training methods.


The services assist individuals, groups, companies, organizations and people with physical and mental challenges, to a better health, wellness and performance. 

Read more about how this is done. 

As a company, it is important to create a healthy and safe work environment, increase satisfaction, belonging and motivation among employees, as well as reduce workloads specific to the work tasks.

Movement Coaching identifies and solves the most important needs in sedentary occupations, such as offices, transport, drivers, etc. At the same time standing, walking, carrying and more physically demanding occupations such as warehouse, shop, chefs, hairdressers, hospitals, the craft industry, etc.

Through mapping, the most optimal solutions are offered, which save the company time, energy and money in the form of health costs and sick days. Simultaneously results increases through movement and flow during work. Research shows that Flowstate increases efficiency and productivity 5 times!

As a private person, your main job is to take care of your own health, wellness and performance. This becomes easier when you know the main reasons behind and the solutions to your challenges or problems.

Movement Coaching helps you find which training routines and if necessary treatment methods, that suit you best, also through the long life you will live here. You get help to uncover your unique postural movement patterns and how to integrate long-term solutions.

Through mapping and guidance on which exercises and methods your plan is tailored, in addition, an individual diet is offered based on your unique microbiome, so that you have all the energy, good mood and become the best version of yourself!

Business services

Take your company and employees' health and well-being to new heights!


The Start Package

75 min: Mapping, Plan, 1-3 integrated Exercises + Rehab/Prehab.

$100 USD

The Standard Package

2.5 hours: Mapping, Plan, 3-6 int. Exercises + Rehab/Prehab and Nutritional Guidance.

$200 USD

The Premium Package

5 hours: Map. Plan, 6-12 int. Exercises + Rehab/Prehab, Diet and Lifestyle Guidance.

$300 USD

Business solutions


Mapping and Strategies
Mapping, Strategies and Integration
Mapping, Strategies, Integration optimal performance


$390 to $850 USD (3-7 hours)
$650 to $1100 USD (8-12 hours)
$1500 to $2800 USD (15-25 hours)

Reveal workloads / challenges individually for the company's employees, as well as goals and desired results.

The methods / exercises used, minimize workload / challenges, as well as prevent injuries, wear, tear and burnout. Individually based to provide maximum solutions. 

Follow-up over a longer period of time, with just the right doses of repetition of selected strategies, which will save our new posture and movement patterns / habits. Including individual follow-up of employees over a longer period of time. Done at both the workplace or via video call (online).

Physical and mental work optimization that increases productivity and efficiency 5 times more. Through research-based flowstate training, we find optimal breathing rhythm and state of mind. Combined with mindfulness and mental training, we can gather unlimited inner resources, giving the manager and employees a relaxed focused state, which makes everything flow more optimally, both internally (homeostasis) and outward in working life. Among other things, communication, work performance, skills, abilities, well-being and health are improved and it saves time, energy and money.

Private Persons

Training & Movement Coaching
Training & Movement Coaching
Treatment, Prehab & Rehab
Nutrition and diet plan:
Cognitive Abilities and Flowstate
Prices and scope
Physical 1 to 1: $135 USD (1 hour)
Online 1 to 1: $90 USD (1 hour)
$110 USD (1 hour) / $160 USD (1,5 hour)
$140 USD (2 Hours) / $340 USD (5 Hours)
$60 USD (45 min) / $110 USD (75 min)
Based on your desires and needs, we choose optimal metode og strategi.
Mapping is 100% necessary to provide the most effective solutions!

How to begin?

Start with a 15 min consultation!

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