Veiledning til stegene som vil gjøre endringene du ønsker lettere, unngå tilbakefall gjennom integrerende og helhetlige prosesser.

“det vi kan bevege, kan vi oppleve”

Bevegelses Coaching bistår:


As a company, it is important to create a healthy and safe work environment, increase satisfaction, belonging and motivation among employees, as well as reduce workloads specific to the work tasks.

Movement Coaching identifies and solves the most important needs in sedentary occupations, such as offices, transport, drivers, etc. At the same time standing, walking, carrying and more physically demanding occupations such as warehouse, shop, chefs, hairdressers, hospitals, the craft industry, etc.

Through mapping, the most optimal solutions are offered, which save the company time, energy and money in the form of health costs and sick days. Simultaneously results increases through movement and flow during work. Research shows that Flowstate increases efficiency and productivity 5 times!


As a private person, your main job is to take care of your own health, wellness and performance. This becomes easier when you know the main reasons behind and the solutions to your challenges or problems. 

Movement Coaching helps you find which training routines and if necessary treatment methods, that suit you best, also through the long life you will live here. You get help to uncover your unique postural movement patterns and how to integrate long-term solutions.

Through mapping and guidance on which exercises and methods your plan is tailored, in addition, an individual diet is offered based on your unique microbiome, so that you have all the energy, good mood and become the best version of yourself! 


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